i’m christina.

i’m a bratty twenty-something gal from a tiny town in southern maryland looking for my own niche in the writing world. i am constantly seeking gigs that fit my eclectic personality and ever-changing interests. this blog here is a medley of my musings.

fun facts!

  • i graduated from stevenson university school of design with a business communication degree (focused in writing)
  • i’m a feminist, obviously, and will rant to you at any given moment
  • i’m a proud deadhead and phish phan (~);-}
  • God > everything ✞
  • i’m a full-time freelancer
  • i’m extremely introverted (i epitomize the INFP mbti type, if you’re into that)

let’s be friends! twitter | linkedin | insta | tumblr

i’ve written for places like kicker, severna park voice, hello giggles, and for numerous blogs with this rad company called sustain creativity.

shoot me an e-mail if you’d like to chat, or especially, if you want me to write for you!


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